• Sanja Kosonen & Elice Abonce Muhonen, Capilotractees | Photo: Sebastien Armengol
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    Les 7 doigts de la main, Séquence 8 | Photo: Sylvie-Ann Paré
    16/09/2014 to 21/09/2014
    The Peacock Theatre
    Silver Lining | Photo: Mike Corr
    Great Yarmouth Hippodrome
    Great Yarmouth
    Gandini Juggling, Smashed
    St George's Theatre
    Great Yarmouth
    Keziah Serreau, Strike!
    20/09/2014 to 21/09/2014
    St George's Theatre
    Great Yarmouth
    Cie Nuua, Lento | Photo: Luis Sartori do Vale

    A brief round-up of June festivals, and the Best Artwork 2014 award given presumptuously early.