Tamasha Theatre Company: The Arrival

Tamasha Theatre Company, The Arrival | Photo: Sandra Ciampone

Dele plays a last game of football with his friends, says goodbye to his son and sets off on a voyage to a smog-filled metropolis across the sea. Carrying only a small suitcase he embarks on a journey into the unknown.

A moment of kindness in a sea of unfamiliarity… A long day at the factory… A lively party… A nostalgic lullaby…

Based on the illustrated novel by Oscar winner Shaun Tan, one man’s tale echoes the many ‘arrivals’ happening around us all the time. This epic story unfolds through an extraordinary blend of theatre, circus and music.

Looking for

Tour dates: Summer 2013 onwards

Support: Whilst the show is not currently in development we are very interested in developing the show into a site-specific performance – for festivals and/or non-theatre spaces, including outdoor locations potentially. We are therefore looking for co-producers and collaborators to redevelop the work to suit different spaces.

Technical specifications

Brief description of set:
The set consists of a floor mounted box truss with raised levels, textured walls and a large gauze projection screen.
Min dimensions: 10.0m wide, 7.0m deep, 7.0m high
The company need to be able to screw into the stage. Flying bars are helpful; so are overhead rigging points + floor points. As the truss is floor mounted it is about raising the truss and guying off, so methods will change with the venue.
Mixture of Recorded & Live
Lighting plan:
Crew on tour:
Crew on Tour: CSM, DSM, Tech SM, rigger, re-lighter
Get in / get out:
2 days get in (play evening day 2) / 3 hours get out