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    Women & Circus, Edited by Ivan Kralj
    Ivan Kralj (Editor)
    Johnny Yong, A Balanced Life
    Johnny Yong
    Circus: The Australian Story, by Mark St Leon
    Mark St Leon
    39.99 AUD
    Eyes on Stalks, by John Fox
    John Fox
    Circus Mania, by Douglas McPherson
    Douglas McPherson
    Flying High: New Circus in Bristol, by Monica Connell
    To Reach the Clouds by Philippe Petit
    Philippe Petit
    Panorama contemporain des arts du cirque by Pierre Hivernat and Véronique Klein
    Pierre Hivernat and Véronique Klein
    Invisible Circus, No Dress Rehearsal
    Naomi Smyth
    Circus PBS
    Maro Chermayeff & Jeffrey Dupre (Directors)
    Man on Wire
    James Marsh (Director)
    Ockham's Razor DVD
    Le Nuancier du Cirque
    Jean-Michel Guy and Julien Rosemberg (Editors)
    Stradda: Contemporary Circus in Europe
    Jean Digne & Stéphane Simonin (Editors)
    Team Network, East/West: Distorting mirrors
    David Sanson & Tiago Bartolomeu Costa (Editors)
    Stradda Magazine in English
    Jean Digne and Stéphane Simonin (Editors)
    Total Theatre Magazine
    Dorothy Max Prior (Editor)