• Stradda: Circus and Street Arts

    Stradda Magazine in English

    Published by the French organisation HorsLesMurs, Stradda is a quarterly French-language magazine dedicated to circus and street arts. This English edition draws together a selection of articles from Straddas past and from (HorsLesMurs sub-organisation) Circostrada's regular online dossiers, plus adds a few new articles to the mix.

    In reflecting HorsLesMurs' role in developing the circus / street arts infrastructure as well as engaging audiences, the articles are split between industry-led pieces about e.g. EU policy's impact on European festivals, and then, on the other hand, artist-led pieces profiling companies or arguing for aesthetic readings.

    Best in this edition are Tomi Purovaara's informative overview of the rich Scandinavian circus scene (providing lots of leads to follow), and Thomas Ferrand's portrait of the transgender artist Philippe Ménard, with a particular focus on her work with ice for P.P.P.



    'Chouf Ouchouf [Morocco, Switzerland] a piece by Zimmerman & de Perrot, performed by the Groupe Acrobatique de Tanger'


    Bernard Kudlak, 'Re-performing the world's childhood'


    Yohann Floch, 'I Network, You Network...'

    Dancing the Space: New terrain for choreographers [France]

    Alix de Morant, 'At the crossroads of genres'
    Alix de Morant, 'Bodies under construction'
    Rosita Boisseau, 'The outdoor adventure'


    Naly Gérard, 'NoFit State Circus, popular UFO' [Great Britain]


    Pascal Letellier, 'Barcelona, the counterpoint' [Spain]


    Gwénola David, 'Árpád Schilling from Budapest to Châlons' [France, Hungary]


    Yohann Floch, 'Festivals in Europe: between distortions and challenges'


    Tomi Purovaara, 'Overview of Scandinavian contemporary circus' [Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden]

    Beyond Walls, Sound

    Naly Gérard, 'Rumble in the fanfare'
    P.M., 'The consoles are out'
    Goulven Hamel, 'Sound sculptors'


    Thomas Ferrand, 'Philippe Ménard, Complete Fusion'

    Point of View

    Pasqual Mas, '"(Ad)mirar a Francia"' [France, Spain]