• About

    Sideshow is a magazine and website that promotes, records and thinks about contemporary circus.

    As an information point and an archive, Sideshow is a news provider with a complimentary focus on meta data and statistical research. As a cultural magazine, it is a curated space that gives a central role to the voice of the artist. As a networked organisation, it is a collaborator and initiator for media projects that contribute to the growth of circus art.

    Some of Sideshow's key commitments are to long-form writing, open data, journalism, research and curation, and the site takes an iterative approach to discovering the best ways it can serve artists and audiences and the wider sector. With the current version of the website (v. 7), the magazine will begin to (i) experiment with digital art, data journalism, online writing, interactive narrative, and interactive mapping, (ii) focus on developing greater international coverage, and (iii) act as a platform for a series of self-contained projects undertaken in partnership with other companies and organisations.

    Sideshow first came online in May 2009; its editor is John Ellingsworth – john@sideshow-circusmagazine.com