Gandini Juggling: Clowns and Queens

Gandini Juggling, Clowns and Queens | Photo: Jacques Langlois

Dark and humorous, with a cast of nine performers, Clowns & Queens continues to tread the fine line between comedy and violence established by the Gandinis' recent show Smashed.

In a white space, four Clowns and five Queens enact a series of ornate juggling-based tableaux. The images suggest an imaginary place which might be the past and might be the future, with complex power play, sexual machinations, twisted rituals, and, beneath the surface, a yearning for love.

Clowns and Queens looks at the juggling body. At the body as sexual desire. At circus as a perversity. Made in collaboration with fashion designer and previous Gandini collaborator Gemma Banks, as well as lighting designer Jean-Ba Laude, this is grown-up circus, drawn with the Gandinis' trademark detailed choreography and attention to detail.

Looking for

Tour dates: Available Autumn 2013 and January 2014 onward.

Technical specifications

Brief description of set:
The set consists of 5 tables with lights on wheels to travel with the company.
Min dimensions: 10.6m wide, 14.0m deep, 6.0m high
Lighting plan:
Crew on tour:
2 technicians (light and sound), 1 company manager
Get in / get out:
4 hours get in / 2 hours get out