Pepper-Choc Duo: Energy in Harmony

Pepper-Choc Duo, Energy Harmony | Photo: Vojtech Brtnicky

The seed of inspiration for Energy in Harmony, the first show by Pepper-Choc Duo, is society's notions of ‘well-being’. The company asked themselves the basic questions: What do we do to feel better? Do we have tips and tricks? What do people in our society do to find well-being? Why is there such an environment of insecurity surrounding us today? What are the various therapies and methods that people use?

Approaching this vast subject from many angles, touching on different belief systems from around the world, Energy in Harmony settles on a mixture of lighthearted comedy and profound questioning as it leads the audience on a tongue-in-cheek search for well-being and happiness. Invited to join the ‘energy in harmony’ movement, the audience must help the performers purify the room in order to create ‘perfect harmony’.

On stage is a giant pendulum made from silks, a trapeze that serves as a perch from which the performers can look out over the world, and juggling clubs that cut and move the energies of the room. The main focal points of the piece are the pendulum, the perch, mirrors, and a wilted plant (which may, in the end, flower if the performers and audience succeed in achieving perfect harmony).

Looking for

Tour dates: Any

Support: The company are interested in reworking the show with a director or outside eye, and are looking for support to pay for that.

Technical specifications

Brief description of set:
1 silks, 1 trapeze, 7 juggling clubs, 3 hangers, 1 plant, 1 small carpet, 4 candles, 1 small fishing pole, 1 children's gardening tool, 1 rope, 1 crash mat.
Min dimensions: 5.0m wide, 6.0m deep, 7.0m high
2 points for the trapeze (another point next to the trapeze to climb up) , 1 point for the silks, 2 points to hang costumes from the ceiling (doesn't need to be resistant). If swinging trapeze is suitable for the space: 4 rigging points on the floor if outside / two on the ceiling if inside.
Lighting plan:
Crew on tour:
1 technician
Get in / get out:
2 hours get in without swinging trapeze, 4 hours with / 1 hour get out without swinging trapeze, 2 hours with