Sugar Beast Circus: {Event(Dimension):}

Sugar Beast Circus, {Event(Dimension):}

{Event(Dimension):} is a performance experiment that leads circus athletes and audiences into the world of quantum physics. Nostalgic for kitsch sci-fi films and analogue computer graphics {Event(Dimension):} disrupts our instinctual understanding of reality to question the role of the observer and the nature of time.

This site-specific performance utilises the skills of three diversely trained female circus performers (aerial, handbalancing, cyr wheel and dance) to explore quantum physics. The show integrates live animation and pervasive media, while the structure of the piece is based on the double slit experiment: the performance space is divided into halves, allowing for two simultaneous narratives which are bound together by a shared audio track. The audience essentially experiences two versions of one show, or rather two realities bound by the linearity of a soundtrack timeline.

This show has been developed so that it can be viewed in multiple configurations. Two front-on audiences can be accommodated for traditional stages and proscenium theatres; in the round audiences can sit across from one another with the performance space divided in half; and in non-traditional settings the performance can take place in two separate rooms or spaces.

Looking for

Tour dates: July 2013 and onward

Technical specifications

Brief description of set:
Gauze for projections 1/2 front, 1/2 back of performance space; black curtains for dividing audience / performance space; 2 video projectors; suspended black box with quick release pulley line.
Min dimensions: 10.0m wide, 10.0m deep, 6.0m high
Rigging point for aerial hoop; 2 rigging points for counterbalance harness.
Lighting plan:
Crew on tour:
1 light and video technician, and 1 non-touring assistant for paging lines and set manipulation
Get in / get out:
1 day get in / 3 hours get out