Pirates of the Carabina: Flown

Pirates of the Carabina, Flown | Photo: Sheila Burnett

Flown is a vibrant, poignant and surprising show that mixes comedy and chaos with bold physicality and an eclectic live soundscape. Based around the lives of a touring circus troupe, the show follows the characters as they attempt to stage a professional circus production.

Inspiration is drawn from the extremes experienced by the performers – their excitement, fear, madness and exhaustion is openly shared with the audience.

Featuring handbalancing, cyr wheel, never-ending silks, flying pole, counterweight hoop, flying drums, unexpected aerial stunts and a live eclectic soundscape.

Flown is devised by the company, and directed by James Williams.

Looking for

Tour dates: Flown is available from October 2013 onward and is seeking venues for a UK and European 2014 tour. The company already have a summer 2013 national tour booked.

Technical specifications

Brief description of set:
The set consists of a bespoke ridge bar and 8m x 8m x 8m rigging frame, with a floating and movable kingpole that can travel across the stage. Onstage is a moving band riser, a static Chinese pole, an armchair, and a backstage curtain that acts as a tightwire and reveals a dressing table and mirror. Circus props, percussion instruments and an ironing board are also used.
Min dimensions: 8.0m wide, 8.0m deep, 8.0m high
The company need to rig their own bespoke rigging truss 10m x 50cm x 50cm. This will hang horizontally at 8m and run Up Stage Right (USR) to Down Stage Left (DSL). Maximum load at any time (including weight of Truss & Rigging) will be 500 Kg, evenly distributed. The company will need a minimum of 3 rigging points to hang this truss. The horizontal truss will receive additional support USR from an 8m x 30cm x 30cm supporting kingpole, screwed to the floor (or ballasted min 70 kg). Braced to the horizontal truss will be a 6m high x 6m wide truss frame. This will sit USC. All our rigging will hang from these structures, which will need to be guyed or braced to the building / ground anchors or ballast (if the building has no secure anchor points). We will need to screw 3-4 anchors with 4 x 40mm screws each, into the stage DSL to tension a Chinese pole (ballast options available dependent on site visit).
Mixture of Recorded & Live
Lighting plan:
Crew on tour:
9 performers (including 2 riggers, 2 musicians and a stage manager) and 1 touring technician (lighting)
Get in / get out:
1 full day get in / 4 hours get out