Tilted Productions: Fragile

Tilted Productions, Fragile

A tightwire artist, two dancers, a trampoline duo and a dancing clown search for the beautiful in the fragile and the fragile in the seemingly beautiful.

Combining contemporary circus, dance and physical theatre, Maresa von Stockert’s latest cross-artform collaboration for outdoor spaces plays across an architectural set that creates the illusion of a flat concrete rooftop where someone has put up a garden with a few plants in pots and some grass.

Fragile takes a look at the lives of those who visit this roof terrace and explores what its garden means to them. For the creator, it may be an oasis or even an obsession. Others make it their hideaway, a place where they can escape reality. Some may see it as a playground, or a forbidden space. For one person it may resemble paradise, for another a foreign world of green discomfort, bewilderment and fear.

While intricate relationships tenderly and brutally entwine, a strange transformation happens to the garden itself, and a sense of warped reality and otherworldliness begins to unfold…

Looking for

Tour dates: May 2013 onwards

Technical specifications

Brief description of set:
The set represents a roof garden between two sets of houses/flats. Over the span of the roof we see the tightwires stretched as if they are electrical or phone lines. The set comes with its own 'stage' part which extends towards the audience, and the trampoline is sunken into that stage and at first can't be seen by the audience. The set contains and disguises the freestanding, self supporting tightwire structures.
Min dimensions: 15.0m wide, 12.0m deep, 5.0m high
No rigging points required as set is self supporting.
Lighting plan:
Crew on tour:
2 technical crew
Get in / get out:
Full day get in / half day get out