Joli Vyann: H2H

Joli Vyann's H2H is an innovative fusion of circus, dance and cyr wheel that takes a look at the many ways we can express ourselves through hand to hand contact in everyday life – whether we're shaking or holding hands, using our hands in violence, supporting people or pushing them away.

The piece uses the language of partner acrobatics and dance – where fragility, trust and balance are crucial – to explore the fragility of human relationships. What happens when physical or emotional support disappears, and what are the consequences? How far can you be off balance before you fall? Who is there to catch you?

Looking for

Tour dates: From June 2013 onwards.

Technical specifications

Brief description of set:
The company provides a dance floor of 6m x 6m meters if performing outdoors. The venue provides a sound system.
Min dimensions: 6.0m wide, 6.0m deep, 4.5m high
Lighting plan:
Crew on tour:
Get in / get out:
20 mins get in / 20 mins get out