Mattress Circus: Heights

Mattress Circus, Heights

Heights is the journey of three clown acrobats falling, fighting and laughing, and all the while reaching for new heights. The show is set behind and around a mattress. We use our physical differences to create comedy and surreal images of illusion.

Our style is one of superhuman clowning. We play full-on, and always with the audience, provoking them and invading their space to break down the barrier between spectator and participant. In our shows, the audience members never know if they will be called on to be a part of the action.

We insist on simplicity and on maintaining the sense of play that occurs between friends who happen to be professional artists. We bring to the stage the authentic confidence and friendship that drives us. Our aim is not to alienate the audience by presenting self-consciously conceptual material; instead we play for laughs.

We decided to create a show full of really entertaining acts, full of silliness and positivity. We want to provoke the audience with our immediacy, to insist that we are not television: we are real and they can feel us.

Looking for

Tour bookings: 23 April - 30 October 2013

Technical specifications

Brief description of set:
1 green mattress (1m x 2m)
Min dimensions: 6.0m wide, m deep, 6.0m high
Lighting plan:
Crew on tour:
No crew
Get in / get out:
5min get in / 10min get out