Vagabond's Hat: Kinesonic

Vagabond's Hat, Kinesonic

Kinesonic is a full-length family show currently being developed by Vagabond’s Hat. The show is a quirky mix of circus, slapstick comedy and innovative music-making weaved together in a joyful, surreal, musical journey of companionship and creation. The completed show will premiere late February 2014.

The piece is set in a parallel world that seems to be living through all eras since the beginning of the industrial revolution at once. We meet a workforce of four distinct characters who are as odd as the world they live in: a questionable Victorian inventor, a wannabe WWI pilot, a 1950s factory worker, and a twitchy 1970s mechanic. Their existence seems to revolve around one thing… Kinesonic! The machine fuelled by music and discovery. The machine was born out of the imagination of a Victorian inventor and has since lived through the ages with help from these four unlikely characters. Parts have been added from across the technological age, the machine making use of lasers, valves, rubber balls and microchips. We join Victor, Ratchet, Kiwi and Blanket as they live out a working day in this topsy-turvy industrialised world full of fantasy and possibility!

Looking for

Support: Vagabond's Hat are looking for a series of 10 or 14 day blocks of in-kind rehearsal space between 03/01/2014 and 07/01/2014 to bring Kinesonic through its final creation and rehearsal period. Vagabond's Hat are also looking for an additional £6000 injection into their production budget to subsidise performer wages throughout the creation and rehearsal period.

Technical specifications

Brief description of set:
The set resemble a bizarre industrial workplace with a steampunk feel, taking some influence from the work of Jules Verne and Terry Gilliam's Brazil. The main set elements are: a freestanding, lightweight aerial rig; 6 empty 55 gallon drums; a desk / control station; gramophone horns; corrugated tubing.
Min dimensions: 7.0m wide, 6.0m deep, 4.5m high
All rigging points are provided by our free standing rig.
Mixture of Recorded & Live
Lighting plan:
Crew on tour:
1 lighting technician