Bella Kinetica: Life On Wheels

Bella Kinetica, Life On Wheels

On roller-skates and in the air, two women revisit the interweaving stories of their past lives and loves – from the post-war optimism of the late 1940s to the domestic realities of the 1950s and beyond.

Bella Kinetica’s new production combines circus disciplines with traditional theatrical devices and a cast of four physical performers to create an innovative show that tells a moving story. With evocative use of recorded memories and music from the eras, alongside breathtaking physical feats, Life On Wheels gives the audience a new perspective on the enduring friendship of women.

The show is performed entirely on roller-skates. This gives the four characters opportunities to represent physically the metaphors of their lives – spinning circles round each other, rolling in and out of each other’s lives, and sometimes entirely lifting off into the air. The show features trick roller-skating, harness work, aerial hoop, silks, acrobatics and dancing.

Looking for

Tour dates: Funding dependent, the company are hoping to tour spring 2014.

Support: The company are looking for financial support to fund rehearsing the show and building the set, etc. They are also looking for partners interested in providing support in – rehearsal space, mentoring and advice, practical/technical support or opportunities to perform the work.

Technical specifications

Brief description of set:
The set includes two single point aerial points, connected to a counterweighting system to the side. The company are looking into having two moveable roller-skating ramps that will be transformed into various parts of the set throughout the show. They will have washing lines strung across the set for the second half of the show, which will incorporate aerial equipment. Most of the other parts of the set will be moveable props such as chairs, tables, telephones on stands, etc.
Min dimensions: 10.0m wide, 6.3m deep, 6.5m high
Truss height min 6.5M. Load bearing min 500K. Central horizontal truss to attach single points and pulley system to. The company will install a counterweighting system with vertical truss, ladder and pulleys for lifting the performers from a central point in the truss. Access to roof required – cherry picker/ladder/overhead access point etc.
Lighting plan:
Crew on tour:
1 rigger (also classed as a performer as they will be on stage throughout), 1 stage manager/technical support
Get in / get out:
3 hours get in / 2 hours get out