Upswing: Loved Up

Upswing, Loved Up

Loved Up is a light-hearted, fast-paced fusion of bungee and hip-hop centred around the pursuit of love.

Created originally as a collaboration between Vicki Amedume and Jonzi D, Loved Up works with a group of dancers using staging and equipment that allows the performers to explore new realms of movement. It follows its characters and their relationships in a show with old skool hip-hop overtones.

This popular show has been on the road since 2008, and recently toured across London as part of Showtime presented by Mayor of London and London 2012 Festival.

Looking for

Tour dates: Any

Technical specifications

Brief description of set:
Outdoor Staging Requirements: Steel deck staging is suggested to improve sight-lines as the action is not all aerial. The aerial rig requires that the venue supplies a raised platform around its base in order to create a level performance area. Dance flooring is required. Surfaces must be even and if very hard (eg concrete, marble, stone) a padded floor covering (eg gym mats) will be required under the dance floor.
Min dimensions: 7.5m wide, 7.0m deep, 7.0m high
The aerial rig will be provided by the company. The rig shall have a minimum clearance of 7m high and internal width of 7.5m. The rig shall support a static load of minimum 2000kg with two hanging points mid stage that are 2.5m apart. A further two points clear of the performance area either side are required as counterweight points. There must be an obstacle free path between the mid stage points and the counterweight points. The legs of the rig should be constructed from ladder section or ladders attached to the structure to allow the counter-weighters to move up and down.
Lighting plan:
Crew on tour:
7 people (2 artists, 2 riggers/performers, 1 technical staff, 1 artistic director, 1 producing manager)
Get in / get out:
3 hours get in / 3 hours get out