Stefano Di Renzo: On My Way

Stefano Di Renzo, On My Way

Stefano Di Renzo's On My Way follows the journey of a man desperate to create a normal existence in a new country as he deals with the inevitable culture shock of moving to a foreign land. The show embraces new and innovative methods of theatre and uses the languages of object manipulation, slack rope and physical theatre to create its narrative.

Looking for

Tour dates: Autumn 2013 - spring 2014

Technical specifications

Brief description of set:
The set is composed of a slack rope structure, a small table, a chair, a small chest of drawers, and a freestanding letter box.
Min dimensions: 9.0m wide, 6.0m deep, 4.5m high
Two rigging points on the floor 9-10 metres apart minimum, with a minimum breaking strain of 300 kg for each point. The equipment is parallel to the front of the stage.
Lighting plan:
Crew on tour:
1 technician to operate music and lights
Get in / get out:
5-7 hours get in / 45 mins get out