Cirque Bijou: Project 3Sixty

Cirque Bijou, Project 3Sixty

Fusing urban expression, creative technology and the fearless skill of youth, Project 3Sixty is a daytime street show, a night-time spectacle, a theatre show and a series of workshops.

Project 3Sixty can be the ideal finale show for festivals and large-scale events; it also moulds itself to any performance space, from high streets to theatre spaces to empty fields. Every performance has been different.

Experimenting with video art, projections and 3D mapping since 2008, the show has evolved as its technologies develop and its young artists learn new skills.

In 2012 Project 3Sixty presented a run of public shows at Victoria Park, Tower Hamlets as part of BT London Live, and the National Theatre as part of their outdoor festival Watch This Space.

Looking for

Tour dates: Any

Support: The company would be interested in developing a scaled down version of the show – they've done it before on a couple of occasions and it proved very successful but would benefit from some further development.

Technical specifications

Brief description of set:
The set consists of 5 conjoined towers of varying height, lowest 1m highest 4m with a Chinese pole rigged on top and a scaffold structure attached to the side for free running and bike tricks. Each tower is made up of 2 pieces of steel deck on a scaffolding structure clad with plywood to create a projection surface. The set morphs into different scenes throughout the show with the aid of video mapping and lighting effects.
Min dimensions: 12.0m wide, 12.0m deep, 5.0m high
4 ground based rigging points; can be ballast of fixed points.
Lighting plan:
Crew on tour:
Lighting designer, Video projectionist, Director, Stage manager
Get in / get out:
Get in and get out dependent on venue