Barney White: Project 9

Theatre, cinema, live video art, science fiction, science fact, Project 9 is an examination of our approach to, and perception of, science and its place in our everyday lives.

What good science fiction has always been able to bring us is thought provoking comment. Be it political, economical or ethical, these stories have all made masterful use of fact, fiction and metaphor to allow us to step back and think.

In a time of overwhelming scientific excitement and discovery, Project 9 is a piece of theatre that prompts us to stop and be mindful of our relationship to our world and its progress. Framed as cinematic science fiction brought vividly to life on stage, this project will combine live science with circus, theatre and film. The touring performance will also be accompanied by a range of supporting elements, web based and physical, incorporating interactive sculpture, site-specific film, and hands-on learning to widen and further immerse the potential audience.

The piece will be created in collaboration with a group of both professionals and amateurs from a broad spectrum of fields, from science to poetry.

Looking for

Support: Financial. Some access to film and video equipment. Development support, R&D space.

Technical specifications

Mixture of Recorded & Live
Lighting plan:
Crew on tour: