Apocalyptic Circus: "Push Me, Pull You!"

Apocalyptic Circus, "Push Me, Pull You!"

"Push Me, Pull You!" is a contemporary circus show which focuses on the relationship between a performer and a technician on stage.

The main circus discipline in the show is slack rope, but "Push Me, Pull You!" is not 'a slack rope show'; it is a duet between a performer and a technician, a chance for the audience to see interactions that are normally hidden, and to see the trust and the dependence which exists between people onstage and their (ordinarily invisible) supporters offstage.

The piece is currently in development. Over a period of five weeks in summer 2012 the company created the current 35 minute work-in-progress version of the show, which has since been performed five times. Later this year the company have the opportunity to spend another six weeks developing the work, at the end of which it will be ready to premiere.

Looking for

Tour dates: From August/September 2013 onwards.

Support: As well as seeking a venue to premiere the show, the company are interested in promotion and marketing support from production companies. They are also interested in the option of playing the show alongside others in a double bill.

Technical specifications

Brief description of set:
The show should be performed on black dance floor wherever possible. The venue should have good blackout facility, but it's not necessary to mask other elements of the space. The show is about the nature of performance, and therefore the very nature of each venue it is played in becomes part of the show. The company have two large A-frames to rig a slack rope with a maximum dimension of 4m. These A-frames are moved around and manipulated and form the set of the show. There is also a table onstage with the lighting and sound control desks.
Min dimensions: 10.0m wide, 8.0m deep, 6.0m high
Two ground level points (can be ballast), approximately 14m apart, to rig a slackrope. Points should support a dynamic load of 500kg. Two aerial rigging points above the line of the slackrope. Lines running through these points should then run upstage to a third point, and down to an anchor point at ground level. Several smaller points need to be rigged for a series of hanging/swinging pendant lights (less than 5kg). These can be rigged to lighting bars or catwalks in a studio type venue, or a projecting structure can be added onto truss or fly-bars in a larger venue or a tent.
Lighting plan:
Crew on tour:
3 people for fit up, 2 cast members plus production manager
Get in / get out:
10 hours get in / 2 hours get out