Keziah Serreau: Strike!

Strike! is a retro-futuristic circus show that invites the audience to delve into a strange and absurd world. It explores man’s desire to break free from bureaucracy and the constraints of everyday work by interpreting some of the key scenes from Kafka’s novel The Trial and Terry Gilliam’s film Brazil.

To create the piece the director will work collaboratively with four multi-disciplinary performers to produce a succession of acts that resonate with the main themes of the show. All together, these sequences will create the world of a frantic and dysfunctional office.

For instance, in Strike! we might see a frantic juggling act using office equipment, a liberated secretary on a trick bike, an office worker getting dressed and ready for work on a slack rope, some choreography with acrobatic chairs, a man clinging onto his vanishing desk... and of course a storm of paper work!

Working with the sense of freedom and playfulness – the sense of liberation – that can radiate from a circus performer, the show asks a simple question: What happens when you put a circus artist in the shoes of an office worker?

Looking for

Support: Performance opportunities; producing; rehearsal space/time and/or residency; technical advice.

Technical specifications

Brief description of set:
An aerial table, a slack rope, a trick bike / aerial bike, acrobatic chairs, potentially a small filling cupboard.
Lighting plan: