Mimbre: Time

Is a minute of sadness and a minute of happiness the same length? ‘Time flying’, ‘time froze’, ‘the longest minute of my life’ – the feeling of time is relative, but we still try to measure it, schedule it and live according to the nano-seconds and minutes that we think can pin it down to.

Time is a large-scale, highly visual production using the latest 3D projection mapping technology, acrobatics, dance and animation to explore one of humankind’s oldest questions: 'What is Time?'.

Time is the story of five characters, from youth to old age. It begins ordinarily enough, in London, the characters growing older and the children growing up as time passes by. Then one day a young girl panics and tries to pause time. Because of this time starts to behave erratically – to jump, stop, run fast or go really slow. Normality is interrupted, and the characters' lives are turned upside down.

The piece's projections will be framed by a purpose-built set of scaffolding, appearing like a vertical cross-section of a building in a style similar to the set of to Luc Amoroso's Page Blanche or a more basic version of David Rosenberg's Electric Hotel. The projections bring the set to life, creating the backdrops for our characters – the living room, the garden, journeys and dreams – and driving the stories, the feelings and time itself forward.

Looking for

Support: Currently the company are looking for a co-producer for this show – one that's able to commission and co-fundraise together with Mimbre. They are also looking for expressions of interest from venues or festivals interested in booking the show.

Technical specifications

Brief description of set:
The set will be a scaffolding structure, approximately 8 metres high and 8-10 metres wide, split into different and irregular compartments. The projection mapping will cast the design straight onto this structure. Projectors might need an additional platform opposite, if in a non-venue – depending on the set-up of the space. This show is still at a very early development stage and all details TBC.
Min dimensions: 10.0m wide, 5.0m deep, 8.0m high
Self standing structure.
Mixture of Recorded & Live
Lighting plan:
Crew on tour:
TBC. Probably 2-4 between projection operator, stage manager and crew for set-up and break down (if not provided as stage crew by venue).
Get in / get out:
1 day get in / half day get out