Circolombia: Urban

Circolombia, Urban

Urban is a freestyle portrait of a society, incorporating both joy and violence, where dance and music are the safety valves of everyday life. It features the best of the Colombian national circus school Circo Para Todos.

Weaving a tapestry of personal stories, of rhythm and groove, this is the soundtrack of life and death itself. A true narrative of the streets of Cali, Urban is based on the lives of a young cast who tell the world about their own reality.

Urban is a tale of confrontation and redemption, of gangs and individual freedom, of poetics and cruelty. Infused with live reggaeton and volcanic, wild, but perfectly mastered acrobatics – above all it shows that with passion and dedication you really can touch the stars.

Looking for

Tour dates: Late 2013 onwards

Technical specifications

Brief description of set:
The company have a tech spec for Urban available. It involves little set, but it uses screens / projections, and requires a good sound system with excellent sound coverage of the auditorium. Circolombia need backstage space for the circus materials (in wings) – teeterboard equipment and crashmat in particular. They need good radio mics, and a lighting rig that ideally includes some moving lights, although they can adapt.
Min dimensions: 13.0m wide, 13.0m deep, 10.0m high
Available on tech rider – there are various adaptations that can be made to the show for different spaces.
Mixture of Recorded & Live
Lighting plan:
Crew on tour:
7 crew: creative producer / artistic director, company manager / artist liaison, production manager, senior project manager / tour producer, musical director / operator, AV designer / operator, lighting designer / operator
Get in / get out:
2 days get in / 3 hours get out