• Teeterboard

    A sturdy wood board lifted as a seesaw, with one or more acrobats jumping on one end to launch a flyer from the other. Popular with large-scale shows because the acrobats can be propelled high into the air for maximum visibility, teeterboard is a dangerous acrobatic display which is at its most terrifying and transfixing in those cases where the artists are attempting material at the ragged edge of their abilities.

    It's very pure circus: a discipline that requires great skill and training and carries always the risk of injury or worse. Teeterboard isn't taught in every circus school and it seems as though there's more of it coming out of China, Australia and Canada than Europe.

  • Magazine

    By Dorothy Max Prior on 22 August 2009 in Reviews

    Controlled Falling Project invites us to ‘enter a laboratory of acrobatic impossibilities, where old science meets new circus in a heart-stopping, high-energy creative experiment’ – and, for once, what we get is pretty much what it says on the can….