• Writers on the Move

    2 October 2010 Jobs & Opportunities

    The Space Project are running an interesting training programme, Writers on the Move, for writers/journalists/critics interested in expanding their practice to cover circus and other non-literary forms of performance.

    With the course split between the 2011 editions of the London International Mime Festival and the Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space, participants will attend the festivals, see shows, interview artists, and participate in two four-day seminars – the London seminar concentrating on critical writing, and the Prague seminar somehow (it's not crystal clear) interpreting response through 'various language and performance formats'.

    It looks great, honestly, and thorough.

    The course runs 26-29 January & 22–25 June 2011. It costs 500 Euros, but that's actually heavily subsidised and very cheap – international travel, accommodation, meals and of course tickets are all included. A couple of full scholarships are also available for the hard-up.

    It's restricted to participants living in Europe with at least three years of professional experience. Note also the programme will be conducted in English. Go here for a fulsome account of the project.