• Vesturport: Faust

    Vesturport, Faust | photo: Grímur Bjarnason

    Vesturport's Faust starts rather delicately and beautifully as it sets up its frame – an ageing actor in a nursing home, once famous now penniless, who's played every great part except Doctor Faustus – but descends into raucous anarchy as the old man swaps into a younger body to chase his object of love/lust, the nurse Greta. It's bawdy and crude and sometimes funny and occasionally sad and always very, very confident – not the interpretation to go to if you love the original for its subtlety and intellect, but fine if you like to see the classics treated rough. Definitely light on the circus, so don't go for that: archdemons are thrown around on harnesses and there's a sexy devil who does backflips, but it's not a big part of their language.

    * No performance 14 October.

    Artists: Vesturport