• Cirkus Cirkör: Wear it like a crown

    Cirkus Cirkör, Wear it like a crown | Photo: Mats Backer

    Hitting the same international circuit as its mega-company brethren Cirque du Soleil, the 7 Fingers and Cirque Éloize, Sweden's Cirkus Cirkör come to the enormous Wales Millennium Centre to perform Wear it like a crown, a crowd-pleasing parade of shallow visual imagery that draws very little from its purported research interest in neuroscience. As is often the case with big-budget spectacle circus, there are elements, taken alone, to enjoy (the skills are good, of course), but taken as a whole Wear it like a crown is an unremarkable piece of commercially slanted work, stretched very thin by its two-hour running time.

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    Artists: Cirkus Cirkör