• Collectif and then... / Stefano Di Renzo / Francesca Martello: Triple Bill

    Francesca Martello, ...Sera

    In another triple bill at Jacksons Lane's boisterous Postcards Festival, there's an opportunity in one night to see Collectif and then...'s We Do Love Little Kittens, Stefano Di Renzo's On My Way, and Francesca Martello's …Sera. We Do Love is a piece about the position of women in society played out on the company's trademarked double cloudswing; On My Way a solo combining clown, juggling and slackrope; and ...Sera a 'bitter-sweet exploration of memories, nostalgia and domestic life inspired by the theatre of the absurd'. Of all the mixed billings in the festival, this one strikes Sideshow as being potentially the strongest.