• Airborne: mapping of youth circus activity in the UK

    Airborne: mapping of youth circus activity in the UK

    Produced by the researcher Leila Jancovich on behalf of Arts Council England as part of the Young People’s Participatory Theatre project, the bulk of this document is the presentation of statistical data from a series of questionnaires and consultations targeting the UK youth circus sector. The report gives an idea of the geographic spread and demographic range of youth circus, the organisational structure of providers and their level of activity, and the funding and impact of the sector, among other things. The report makes a series of recommendations for actions to develop the sector.


    Executive summary

    Context for the report
    Key findings


    Context for report

    The circus context
    The youth context
    Overview of the sector nationally

    Statistical data from questionnaires

    1. Geographic spread
    2. Breakdown of young people participating in youth circus
    3. Range and breadth of activity
    4. Organisational details
    5. Funding and partnerships
    6. Benefits for young people
    7. Staff development
    8. Development recommendations
    Recommendations from the questionnaire

    Detailed findings from focus groups and discussions

    Priorities for youth circus practitioners
    Priorities for young people
    Recommendations from the regional meetings

    Conclusion and proposed actions

    Relationship to the YPPT aims

    Appendix 1 – list of groups consulted

    Appendix 2 – youth circus mapping questionnaire