• European Circus Arts Bibliography

    European Circus Arts Bibliography

    Compiled by the circus performer and lecturer Phillipe Goudard and the archivist Magali Libong, this bibliography collects a range of specialist works covering contemporary and traditional circus, listing novels and screenplays alongside scholarly theses, photography books, magazines, and practical guides.


    General / History, aesthetics, social sciences and humanities
    Traditional circus / Artists and companies from before 1971
    Speciality books / Traditional circus
    Contemporary circus / Artists and companies in existence since 1971
    Speciality books / Contemporary circus
    Disciplines and skills of the circus arts
    Circus and other arts / Fine arts, cinema, theatre, architecture
    Circus and literature / Novels, poetry, theatre, scripts, frameworks
    Research / Doctoral theses
    Training / Pedagogy, cultural and artistic education
    Circus and medicine / Health, therapies
    Magazines / Traditional circus, contemporary circus