• Organising an Artistic Event in the Public Space

    Organising an Artistic Event in the Public Space

    A detailed practical walkthrough for organising an artistic event in an outdoor, public space that covers insurance, safety, installation, environmental concerns, and various other factors.



    Street arts
    Art and public spaces: occupation, intervention, transformation
    The goal of this Practical Guide: to facilitate and enable
    Safety: a civic concern
    A methodology under the strains of the economic reality… and political will

    Occupying the public space: overall approach

    Intervention in the urban environment
    The relationship with the occupants
    Wishes and paradoxes
    The different representatives of the public space

    Setting up the artistic intervention in the public space: methodology

    Forms and characteristics of artistic interventions
    Local life
    The choice of site
    Installation and performance conditions
    Sets, structures, platforms, bleachers
    Hosting an audience
    Ethical and environmental concerns
    Specific practices
    Calendar: administrative steps and representatives