• The Awesome Foundation

    The Awesome Foundation

    The Awesome Foundation is an 'ever-growing, worldwide network of people devoted to forwarding the interest of awesomeness in the universe'. In pursuit of this goal it distributes a series of monthly $1000 grants to projects and their creators.

    The Foundation is divided into autonomous Chapters, many of which are attached to a location (there's one for London) and some of which are organised around specific thematic values such as Food, Knowledge and Relief. It's also possible to apply without stipulating a Chapter and to enter a general application pool.

    The Foundation's grants are open to both individuals and organisations and are not limited to any one sphere of activity (artists can apply as well as technologists, social workers, etcetera).

    There's a FAQ available which lays some very rough boundaries, but mostly anything goes. Past Awesome projects seem to indicate though that the Foundation has a taste for entrepreneurship and for projects where the grant contributes toward seed funding an ongoing activity.

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