• Compagnie Rasposo

    Compagnie Rasposo, Le Chant du Dindon | Photo: Florence Delahaye

    The old world and the new. Touring the globe in their own small tent, Compagnie Rasposo are in many respects a traditional circus – at the core of the company is the Molliens family, and they honour many of the icons and values of the old circus, from the décor of the tent to the warm evocation of communality. Added though is a sly wit and deadpan strangeness – for an e.g. look no further than the regal but unexplained turkey in Le Chant du Dindon – that entwines with the traditional material without undermining it.

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    By John Ellingsworth on 20 July 2011 in Reviews

    As the audience enter the small tent, Compagnie Rasposo are at table – eating, reaching across each other, talking, some sitting, some standing, one man building a card tower from biscuits, musicians to the side playing a jaunty air.