• Firenza Guidi

    Site-responsive maven. Known in the UK principally for her work with the company NoFit State – for whom she directed the shows Immortal and tabú – Firenza Guidi is a physical and visual theatre director whose twenty-five year career has seen her produce work in factories, ports, harbours, supermarkets, tents, theatres, outdoor spaces – more or less everywhere.

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    By John Ellingsworth on 10 May 2012 in Reviews

    Linge Sale is no larger than its two performers, Alice Roma and Damiano Fumagalli. It's avowedly and deliberately small – stripped of artifice by its own relaxed easiness. The idea of character or performance will sometimes emerge, yet soon collapses back into the strong onstage relationship of two people who seem, simply, happy to be there.

    By John Ellingsworth on 3 February 2010 in Interviews

    'My desire to create work in non-conventional places, my desire to create work in what became a label, 'site-specific', comes not from a trend. I've been doing it for 25 years. And why? Because live performance—and I'm not calling it theatre or otherwise, I'm calling it live performance—is 150 years behind the visual arts. Live performance is still very much, in terms of how it is being read, is very much that proscenium arch left-to-right without ever challenging the thinking process of the viewer.'

    Sideshow interviews director Firenza Guidi about her work on 6½ Flying Circus' first show, Canto - The Last Flying Chance in the North; her long-term collaboration with NoFit State; her collaborations with space; and lab work on NoFit State's new piece for the hated pros arch.

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