• Patrick Léonard

    <b>Little finger.</b> A clown, acrobat and diabolist, the Quebecois Patrick Léonard is one of the founding members of the enormously successful Montreal company <a href='/artists-companies/7-fingers'>The 7 Fingers</a>. He performs still in their show <i>Loft</i>, but has also made his first move into working as a soloist with the production <a href='/magazine/reviews/patrick-léonard-patinoire'><i>Patinoire</i></a>. A world away from his work with the main company, <i>Patinoire</i> is a piece about the pain and longing and loneliness of the entertainer with a sure, excellent and simple command of dramaturgy and pace.

  • Magazine

    By John Ellingsworth on 26 July 2011 in Reviews

    It's always worth seeing a full solo show from a longtime ensemble performer – you can get major shifts in aesthetic, scale, tone, thematic preoccupation; things just spill out.