• Sharmanka

    <b>Mechanical music box theatre.</b> Sharmanka is the nom de theatre of sculptor-mechanic Eduard Bersudsky and theatre director Tatyana Jakovskaya, two Russian artists based in Scotland who build complicated mechanical devices lying somewhere between installation and theatre – playing out little narratives within their chinking, turning frames. Sharmanka collaborated with Fittings Multimedia Arts on the piece <a href='/magazine/reviews/fittings-multimedia-arts-sharmanka-sputnik'><i>Sputnik</i></a> with aerialist Clare Cunningham.

  • Magazine

    By John Ellingsworth on 26 June 2009 in Reviews

    In synopsis Sputnik has a tremendous draw: it’s a collaboration between Sharmanka (he of the theatre of kinetic automata) and Fittings Multimedia Arts (who make ‘new performance and theatre art works addressing serious issues in the language of variety theatre’).