• Hula Hooping

    Functional gyration. A colossal craze in the 1950s when the manufacturers sold and shipped millions of units, the popularity of hula-hoops has since receded – yet lives on in the public sphere in the form of specialised fitness classes. In circus, hoop has drifted mostly into cabaret and tawdry/sexy/ridiculous/comic act-based performance, though, always, there are those interested in taking the discipline somewhere else...

  • Magazine

    By John Ellingsworth on 9 November 2011 in Reviews

    At a first encounter, the characters of Box of Frogs all feel like they’re about ten years-old. Kaveh Rahnama talks constantly and inconsequentially about his mania for collecting circus-themed toys and knick-knacks, shouting with delight when Amazon finally deliver his King Tusk elephant and enthusing how this proud and mighty creature is (brilliantly) equipped with a foot strop to secure its plastic rider — an innovation without precedent in the history of toy manufacture.