• Caravane de Cirques

    Cie BaroloSolo, O Temps d'O | Photo: GaelGuyon-LeMobiledel'art

    Attached to La Grainerie, a school 'dedicated to the circus arts and to itinerancy', Caravane de Cirques is a travelling festival that visits many sites but concentrates at the Grainerie's own site in Balma, near Toulouse.

    In the 2011 programme there's Dare D'Art's Albertine Sarrazin, a piece about a short-lived iconoclastic French author that plays out partly on and across a small climbing wall; Chant de Balles' well-travelled and -known and -received music and juggling synthesis Bach en balles; Barolosolo's O Temps d'O, which Sideshow saw and loved at an early incarnation; and Carpe Diem's Rivages, a spare piece that works exclusively with the choreography of two baton-like poles. There's also work from Ea Eo, O Ultimo Momento, Au Fil du Vent, Virevolt, and others.