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    Man On Wire

    Underfunded but overachieving, Festival novog cirkusa is a Croatian contemporary circus festival with an embattled history that shouldn't overshadow its considerable achievements. In 2009, with minimal financial support, the fifth edition of the festival combined a full five-day programme of international work with the major Women & Circus conference; in 2010, as an almighty provocation, the festival was compressed down from five days to one in protest of the fact that it received about a fifth of the funding it required.

    For 2011 the festival is back at five days, and the theme this year (each year the programming takes a different line) is the 'new-circus boldness to challenge the laws of the system in order to realize the seemingly unattainable dreams'. The two main pieces then are Les Colporteurs' Sur la route…, a tightwire piece that's inspired by Henry Bauchau's Oedipus on the Road, but that also contains the story of Colporteurs co-founder Antoine Rigot's terrible injury and subsequent retraining, and Room 100's C8H11NO2, an intense body-based response to schizophrenia that was one of the JTCE 2009-2010 supported projects. Alongside these, there's a cabaret, The Red Room (which Sideshow can recommend for the presence of boylesque king Cohdi Harrell); a platform for local work, Ringenspiel; and a Documarathon of three tightwire films: The Last Tightrope Dancer in Armenia, On a Tightrope, and Man on Wire.

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    By John Ellingsworth on 30 October 2011 in Interviews

    'I think our programme was quite unsettling for European programmers because usually you want to have at least one major piece or something good that's played somewhere else—there is this complex of inferiority in a way that you feel it's much more reasonable to programme something that was already successful in Avignon or Edinburgh... you know, that you should not risk so much. Which is a very strange concept to me, because circus is all about risk.'

    John Ellingsworth talks to Festival Novog Cirkusa director Ivan Kralj about scandals, struggles, hallucinations, the Ministry of Culture, and the necessity of provocation.