• La Rencontre des Jonglages

    Atelier Lefeuvre & André, Nil Omnibus

    A lovely, localised mini-festival of juggling (and possibly new juggling), La Rencontre des Jonglages is three days of experimental and progressive performances in theatres, on the streets, and under tents.

    In 2011, for the festival's fourth edition, the programme includes several collections of short pieces (including a chance to see the sharply executed Circuits Fermés by JTCE laurates DeFracto), Nil Omnibus, a solo about waiting for and riding the bus by Jean-Paul Lefeuvre of Atelier Lefeuvre & André (lately seen in the UK with their piece Le Jardin), and a timeless chaotic piece about war by Collectif Martine à la plage, Sans Titre. The festival also encompasses a conference led by Erik Aberg, Histoire des objets de jonglages, and a video installation, Ici et là et ici et là, that tracks over thirty artists from the Fabrique Alternative Autogérée aux Arts et à la Création (FAAAC) in a journey across Portugal.