• Applications Open for Greentop's Hot House

    19 July 2011 Jobs & Opportunities

    Like the headline says, applications are now open for the first round of Greentop's Hot House, a mini-residency programme that gives artists/companies time in Greentop's creation space plus some one-to-one time with director Gerry Flanagan.

    There's essentially a two stage selection process: artists apply for a two-day workshop with Gerry Flanagan 14-15 September 2011, where they work on and present their ideas, following that up with a written application; Gerry then picks those who go through for the residency. There's a small cost of £20 for those selected for the initial workshop, after which everything is fully funded.

    For more details on how to apply check the Greentop website. There's no deadline to apply for the workshop, but places are handed out on a first come first served basis.

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