• Aspiring Circus Performers Sought for Mimbre's Professional Development Programme

    27 December 2012 Jobs & Opportunities

    Mimbre are currently looking for acrobats, gymnasts and/or dancers who are passionate about learning acrobatics / pair acrobatics to join a new professional development programme designed not as a full-time training programme but as a set of ongoing opportunities that can fit alongside other training or commitments.

    The traineeship will consist of regular training sessions, occasional masterclasses and any other relevant project or event that Mimbre organises or is involved with during the year. Mimbre are still developing ideas for the programme, but the long-term idea is 'to develop a shared vocabulary with Mimbre acrobats, opening up the possibility of working with the company in the future'.

    Mimbre are looking for applicants who have been involved in an artistic project or collaboration with a professional company in the last 12 months and who have the clear intention of developing more experience and skills to work professionally in the circus field. Applicants should also be based within Greater London boundaries, and should be comfortable working with at least some of the techniques of dynamic partner-work involving lifts, jumps and throws, plus with working in inverted positions and taking weight on their arms. Any extra experience in somersaults, banquine and tumbling is appreciated but not essential. Mimbre welcome participation from disabled or injured performers who want to explore alternative ways of approaching acrobatics.

    Applicants need to be available for an initial masterclass 12 and 13 January 2013 at the Roundhouse (Studio Theatre), 10-5pm, then for regular training sessions taking place on Tuesday evenings at The Circus Space (7-9pm), starting 15 January and running until the end of April.

    For more details and information on how to apply see here. Deadline is 7 January 2013.

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