• Circolo eXtra Seminars at Circo Circolo (Netherlands)

    28 August 2012 Festivals
    Circo Circolo

    For its 2012 edition the biennial Circo Circolo festival is inaugurating a new side-programme of seminars and professional events called Circolo eXtra. Aimed at promoters and industry professionals, the first eXtra will run 16-20 October 2012 with four one-day seminars/meetings:

    16 October – Social Circus: Intended for those active in social or youth work, policy-makers, welfare organisations and other interested parties, this seminar will examine the use of circus as a tool for promoting social cohesion, referencing examples from Wales, Africa, Canada and the Netherlands.

    17 October – So, are we dancing or moving?: Investigating the busy intersection of dance and circus, this seminar will discuss new developments in crossover work, with contributions from Circa, WU-WEI, and Cie un loup pour l'homme.

    18 October – Talent in Brabant: This seminar starts from a simple question: what can the worlds of business, sport and culture learn from each other when it comes to supporting talent? Aimed principally at organisations within the Netherland's Brabant region, it will focus on the potential for collaboration.

    20 October – Circomundo Day: Circolo eXtra will host the annual meeting of Circomundo, the representative organisation for youth circus in the Netherlands.

    For more information on these events see here or contact Heleen Moors on Heleen@circocircolo.nl

    Circo Circolo festival runs 11-21 October 2012 with a programme that includes the latest Cirque Éloize production, Cirkopolis; work by Barolosolo, Un loup pour l’homme, and Circa Eia; and an interesting sounding show called Wu Wei - Vivaldi - The Four Seasons, which is the result of a collaboration between ten Chinese acrobats, an orchestra from the Balkans, and the French choreographer and circus artist Yoann Bourgeois.