• Crying Out Loud Awarded £454,610 for Circus Evolution

    17 February 2013 Funding & Industry
    Crying Out Loud

    As part of the most recent awards round of Arts Council England's £45 million Strategic Touring Programme, Crying Out Loud have received a grant of £454,610 for Circus Evolution, a three-year project to tour contemporary circus to ten venues as part of a larger push to establish a lasting touring network for circus.

    The ten venues that will be involved in the project are yet to be fully finalised, but will be divided into two groups: five venues that have some experience in hosting circus work and are ready to develop this strand, and five venues who are completely new to the artform. The first five venues will act as a sort of mentor group for the second, with Crying Out Loud arranging training sessions for both on circus marketing, rigging and production.

    To see all the grants awarded under the Strategic Touring Programme in this application round visit the ACE website.