• Creation Residency with La Central del Circ and Antic Theatre

    9 September 2012 Jobs & Opportunities
    La Central del Circ

    La Central del Circ (an advocacy organisation in Barcelona running its own space) and Antic Theatre (a creation space, also in Barcelona, dedicated to research into new forms of multidisciplinary practice) have joined forces to offer their facilities for the purposes of a new creation residency.

    The residency is intended for 'circus creations that are based on the research and development of new multidisciplinary languages, with the aim of providing support and facilities to innovative creators whose projects raise standards and move away from habitual methodologies, techniques and resources.' The call for applications is open to artists/companies of any nationality and the subject/content of proposed projects is not restricted (though 'proposals that deal strongly in ideas and concepts related to current social and political matters are particularly valued'). Applicants' projects will, however, need to fit the technical specifications of the facilities on offer.

    The timetable of the project is flexible, but the organisers envision a creation process that – starting in November 2012 – could take more than a year and be developed through to the end of 2013.

    As well as use of the Central del Circ and Antic Theatre facilities, production support, and access to shared office space, the successful project will also receive financial support: 1000 Euros from Central del Circ towards the residency, and, from Antic Theatre, 2000 Euros towards the residency and co-production + 1000 Euros towards a dramaturg's fee.

    For more information on the residency and how to apply see here. Deadline for applications is 1 October 2012.