• DOCH PhD Studentship in Choreography with a Specialisation in Circus

    25 March 2013 Jobs & Opportunities

    DOCH – aka The University of Dance and Circus – in Stockholm have announced the foundation of a new doctoral studentship for 'choreography, with a specialisation in circus'.

    Following the core principles of the university, the studentship is focused on research and artistic process, but is open to candidates interested in either Structural Practice ('encompassing for example dramaturgy, scores, social choreography, curating, and relational aesthetics; that is, structures and formats through or with which choreography is created') or Movement and Bodily Practices ('encompassing various kinds of physical disciplines, the concept of practice, and research in a broadened view of body and movement').

    The studentship lasts four years, during which time the doctoral student will be an employee of DOCH and will work in 'the research environment created after a planned merger between DOCH, the University College of Opera in Stockholm, and the Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts'.

    For more details on the studentship and how to apply see here. The deadline for applications is 5 April 2013.