• Exploring Outdoor Arts: Summer Peer Exchange

    7 July 2011 Funding & Industry

    As part of its continuing good work, PANeK (Performing Arts Network Kent) are organising a five-day series of peer exchange talks and workshops on all aspects of making work for outdoors.

    In the programme are talks from Pippa Bailey ('International & large scale touring'), Fiona Watt ('Designing for outdoors'), Dawn Badland ('Dealing with volunteer promoters'), Gary Barber ('The Business Of Street Theatre'); workshops from Fiona Watt ('Design for outdoors') and Gary Barber ('Using Masks Outdoors'); and a discussion, 'Can we make a Kent Outdoor Artists Cooperative?'. All the events are free and will take place at the University of Kent Canterbury's Jarman Building 1-5 August 2011. For more information see here.