• Fresh Circus #2 Call for Contributions

    30 December 2011 Funding & Industry
    Fresh Circus Seminar #2

    As Fresh Circus 2 (the blockbluster sequel to Circostrada's enormous 2008 industry seminar) draws closer the organisers are inviting professionals, artists, researchers and other interested parties to send in their thoughts and experiences on the topics of the ten thematic working sessions. Namely:

  • Contemporary Circus Aesthetics: standardisation, globalisation, diversity of cultural expressions?
  • Artistic residency programmes: How to make use of space and time?
  • Which types of cooperation with business are possible?
  • Social circus: what impact for citizens?
  • Audience development: the role of new media?
  • How do you criticise circus arts?
  • From début to retirement: which professional pathways?
  • “Green Circus Arts”: what environmental responsibilities?
  • Our neighbours from other continents: which collaborations are possible?
  • After production and co-production, who is commissioning?
  • Circostrada are interested in hearing about your experience in these areas regardless of whether or not you're planning to attend the seminar. To put in your two cents head over to this survey.