• Fresh Circus Seminar #2

    5 September 2011 Funding & Industry
    Fresh Circus Seminar #2

    Circostrada Network has announced the dates and structure of Fresh Circus #2, a 'European seminar on the sustainable development of circus arts' that will take place 12 & 13 April 2011 at Paris' Parc de la Vilette.

    It's an ultra-large Circostrada meeting, basically, with 400 professionals from the circus arts sector coming together to exchange and debate on a set list of topics with the aim of formulating recommendations for regional, national and community institutions, and – overall – of winning better recognition for the circus sector and its specific needs. The topics are:

  • Aesthetics of contemporary circus: pluridisciplinarity or death of the genre?
  • Artistic residency programmes: time and space for what?
  • Our neighbours from other continents: what collaborations?
  • Production is dead, long live international co-production?
  • What partnerships with enterprises?
  • Social circus: what impacts on citizens?
  • Audience development: is my public popular?
  • Criticise circus: what relationship with media?
  • Career pathways: from employability to conversion
  • Green circus: responding to climate change
  • Just before the Fresh Circus event, on 11 April, there'll also be two seminars: one for international Arts Council Officers to introduce them to the circus arts in their contemporary form; one, organised by HorsLesMurs in partnership with Circo Circolo, to discuss the topic 'European Capitals of Culture: what impacts for the street arts and the circus arts?'.

    Hit up the Circostrada site for more info.