• Head Coach with Airealistic

    22 April 2011 Jobs & Opportunities

    Airealistic are looking for a Head Coach to work at their Circus and Flying School in Ventura, California. The company shares a ‘9000 sq. ft. facility [with] four moving points for rigging Hammock, Tissu, Trapeze, Aerial Hoop, bungee and Rope […] plenty of mats, a 60' x 40' sprung floor, a rod floor power tumbling strip, two tumble tracks, and a trampoline’ and currently has about 50 students.

    The ideal candidate will be someone with deep experience in a wide range of disciplines, including basic and advanced tumbling and the various aerial skills.

    Salary is based on experience. If you’re interested contact Gregg@airealistic.com and carmen@airealistic.com to hear more.

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