• Male Actor/Performer for BandBazi's Mind Walking

    30 June 2011 Jobs & Opportunities
    BandBazi, Mind Walking

    Brighton-based BandBazi are looking for a male actor or physical performer, with a playing age of 16, for their new production Mind Walking.

    'A new aerial drama by acclaimed playwright Tanika Gupta, Mind Walking explores what happens to a family when the mind of an old, Indian man Bobbie starts to unravel. Bobbie has spent all his adult life in Britain, but in a care home he reverts back to his first language, a language that he spoke as a boy in Bombay in the 1940s. His family – loving wife, grown-up daughter and teenage grandson – are devastated. How will they manage to communicate with Bobbie? How do they understand Bobbie's life as he enters a world that they have no comprehension of? As secrets and hidden stories tumble out of Bobbie’s mouth, his family start to question the truth about their ancestry and shared history.'

    They're looking for a performer with strong acting skills and experience in circus or physical theatre to come onboard for 9-11 weeks of rehearsals and performances @£20,800 p/a pro rata.

    Rehearsals: 5-28 September 2011 (Brighton/Eastleigh).
    Performances: 29 September – 5 November (SE England, London and Glasgow, with a possible two-week tour in India extending the run to 19 November).

    To apply send a cover letter, photograph and CV to Hannah King on hannah@bandbazi.co.uk by 5pm on 7 July 2011. Auditions are 11 & 12 July in Brighton.

    Artists: BandBazi